I didn't mention Slavs, but anyway, Macedonians and other Balkan natives are ancestors of modern Slavs, Great migration of Slavs in 6th and 7th century to Balkan is hoax.
Monk Nestor wrote: "ту бо ecть илюрикъ, егоже доходилъ апостолъ павелъ; ту бо бeша словене первое".
Migration from south to north, not otherwise.

Could you give us a link to that quote, Dervan. I would appreciate it a lot.

Collowrath….your avatar would be a perfect flag of Macedonia.

Yeah, indeed.
I'm glad the kolovrt is gaining much more respect and attention here lately. This symbol is present in our lands long, long before the (far-famed) Slavic occupation. This might be a good argument in Dervan's theory, by the way…


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