Brennus, would you say then that Macedonians (sorry if you don't like this term, but this is how they are known as, so this is what I will use) are in fact originally Thracians who accepted Slavic tongue, exactly like Bulgarians?
Would you call them Bulgarians?

Anyway, I suppose your geographical argument has some right:

[img width=700 height=669]http://www.emersonkent.com/images/ancient_thrace_map.jpg”/>

BTW Weren't Paionian's Illyrian-speaking and not Tracian?

Anyway, but then again, there are other maps from other timelines:


So, I think it's safe to say that both sides have right depending on historical context, no?

the map that i posted was an ethnic map of the area (paionians macedonians illyrians thracians epirots other greeks etc.), nothing related with macedonian or other states etc. Ancient macedonia was a state that included many non greek nationalities (including paionians as well as persians), however the only sure as hell is that these nationalities were not macedonians.

Well i think paionians were thracians not illyrians,however no matters since both of them were very similar.

Anyway i think that they are in fact thraco-illyrians, mixed with slavs.And i personaly consider Bulgarians of Bulgaria a little more native and a little less slavs than them.
if they don't want to call themselves Bulgarians, ok.

And since this forum is slavic, i have to inform that they used to call themselves vardarski and their land vardarska banovina before 20th century (some of them especially aged people there still do not even know the term macedonian and use this term), a very slavic term, and sure as hell not macedonian term.This is something that many serbs have confirmed in YT.


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