Is there any Macedonian party promoting this flag in your avatar? IMO it is PERFECT compromise, symbolising ancient Macedonia, which people in your country originate from, and at same time, Slavic sunwheel, which people in your country also originate from.

I don't think it is artificial in any way and I have no doubt that Greeks would accept it. It would be fist step.

There was no any official movement or petition for changing the national flag to any symbol representing the kolovrt if that's what you meant. Although it's favored by many individuals and organizations, still most people prefer the Vergina sun.

And yes, I agree it would be a perfect compromise. But, the thing is, the ex-communists who grabbed the power after the independence already did a compromise back in 1995, and it was rather a pleasing to the Greek demands, that actually being a compromise.

But I can show you an interesting example.

The Macedonian soldiers who participated in the war in 2001, formed the organisation called „Достоинство“ ("Dignity") to protect their rights.

This was their emblem:


Last year they transformed into a political party.

Upon this transformation, they replaced the 16-rayed sun with a depiction of a kolovrt:


And since this forum is slavic, i have to inform that they used to call themselves vardarski and their land vardarska banovina before 20th century (some of them especially aged people there still do not even know the term macedonian and use this term), a very slavic term, and sure as hell not macedonian term.This is something that many serbs have confirmed in YT.

I will respect your diametrically opposite opinions on this issue, but this is below the standards of this forum. I would like to think that you actually believe in this, but I'm convinced you have some other intention. This is not a place for spreading such propaganda.
The subdivisions of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, called banovinas, were created on a way, so that they won't represent any ethnic borders. To avoid further ethnic labeling, their names were taken from the names of the greatest rivers or other major geographical features of the banovinas.
So, there were no "vardarski" people, as there were no "savski" or "dunavski" people…

By the way, YouTube is the worst place for education of this kind.  :)


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