My ancestors come from the Pelagonia region of R.Macedonia, which was firmly in the borders of ancient Macedonia.
The official Macedonian position on our ethnogenisis is that today's Macedonians are a mix of the Slavic settlers of the 6th century, with the native inhabitants of the region at that time. This is backed up by DNA evidence. As a result, the Macedonian language today is a Slavic language. Our culture is largely Byzantine Orthodox, with some surviving pagan elements. It should also be noted that there are many Slavic Macedonians living in Greece today, in the territory of ancient Macedonia, which Greece does not recognise and continues to forcibly Hellenise these people. There are many of the Aegean Macedonians living in R.Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia and the rest of the world. They are victims of Greek oppression, and Greece's policies of de-nationalisation.