@Karpivna, we – Poles – are like ancient Nomads. :p

You ask about surnames meaning? Here it is:

1. Gracz – Player
2. Koziel – comes from the male goat “Kozioł”. In old-Polish “kozioł” was named “kozieł”.
3. Szymanski – comes from name of the village “Szymany”. If a surname is created according to the name of village, it means that the surname was probably used by Polish nobility “szlachta”.
4. Byrski – I don’t know ;p
5. Koza – comes from the female goat.
6. Głowski – comes from the name of a village “Głów” or “Głowy” – “głowa” is “head” in Polish.
7. Kiszka – Gut
8. Gasperosky – this surname seem to be “transcribed” to English pronunciation. However, the “root” of the surname – Gasper – comes from the name Kasper, name known in Poland since 14th century. The descent of the name is not 100% sure, but probably it comes from Persian “kansbar” that means “a guardian of the treasury”.
9. Flajszer – it is of German descent (Fleischer) and means “butcher”.
10. Wiśniewski – quite common, comes from names of plenty of villages. “Wiśnia” means “Cherry”.

1. Haniuk – from a name “Han” which is a diminutive form of the German “Johann”.
2. Kononchuk – in a group of surnames with a “root” Kon-. For example the name Konrad or Konon (Konon used in Orthodox Churches). It may be also connected with “Koń” (horse) or “konać” (to die).
3. Hresko – is in a group of surnames that comes from the name “Grzegorz” (Gregory in English-speaking countries). The name comes from Greek gregorios and means “avid”.
4. Zelenko – comes from “ziele” (a herb) or zielony (green).

About Serbian I’m not sure but I think..

1. Borković – from complex Slavic names that consist of “Bor” and Slavic suffixes like “-mir”. Probably Boromir from LOTR is somehow connected ;p And “bor” or “bór” (in Polish) is a forrest.


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