Well. When I play something by Internet, or more correctly when I played, I was avoiding talking about my nationality either. I don’t know why, but people from my country who also play are more like idiots, and I want to avoid useless confrontation with them. However, when I played with a colleague and we were looking for people to our team (Neverwinter) we were speaking Polish with each other. One guy immediately responded: “no kurva Polaki! :)“. We asked him where is he from, and he had no problems in admitting that he is Czech. I am not sure if Czechs are not proud, I would rather say, that there is technically no point in claiming nationality at the first moment.

And by the way, this Czech guy was awesome. He was speaking Czech, we were speaking Polish, and there was no need in using English. We understood each other, especially while talking about beer.


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