I am proud Slovene aboriginal in terrorist state of Soviet Slovenistan.


Also called Magarac-istan.

hehe. Serb from Bosnia. The only testified (along croat) people in bosnia through olden times.

Also known as: Bosna

Gdje prestaje razum počinje Bosna. Zemlja čuda.

What do you want to say?

You linked a picture of a goat – Magarac. You punned that slovenia is a sovietstyle state so I punned it should rather be named Magaracistan due to the pic of a goat. You get it?

Isnt Magarac donkey in Serbo-croatian? Anway this is not goat but mountain Ibex however it is true that they are distantly related. Slovenia is soviet country and i posted picture of Ibex becouse he is symbol of freedom and of our mountains.