What do you fellow Slavs think of other European nationalities?

1) Germanic, a big European family second in population after Slavs. We occasionally had a brawl with them thought we won but in general they’re great people. Everybody has to like Odin, Thor and some other neat stuff from their culture.

2) & 4) Greeks and Latins, great history before anything…at least i grew up on myths about Zeus, Herculies and on stories about Roman empire…but then again i really ain’t such a fan of Mediterranean so i have respect for them but they’re different from us.

3) Celts, my favorite no question about it. They are one of the smaller families in Europe and yet they had such a big cultural blow on other Europeans. Great music, great traditions and on one hell of a beautiful land they live. Scottish Highlanders are my personal heroes!

5) Hungarians, good neighbors, ironically the only ones that we are at peace for almost a century. Their medieval culture is great, most as other European but their ancient culture and shamanism is pretty much unexplored by me, so i guess i have no such opinion on it.

6) Finnics, well i literally see them as a native group of Baltic people that have accepted the best of both Germanics and Slavs into their culture, music, food and traditions. I guess both Slavs and Germanics would feel as in at home in Finland, culturally speaking.

7) Balts, pretty much as mentioned above about the Finns thought while Finns have a stronger Germanic influence i’d say for rest of balts they’re more connected to Slavic peoples culturally speaking. As a kid when i didn’t really know too much about the subject i always thought that balts are some extension of Slavic countries.

8) Albanians – they make a lousy bread

9) Basques, well nationalistic and that’s what i can say about them. Not sure about their traditions, i would give a guess it’s very similar to it’s surrounding.


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