The “lazy” people, that you are talking about are the people that were born to live, not to work in order to produce more and more money for their industrialists (to be a kind of modern slaves, in other words).And i have to inform you that All of these countries, have produced the most succesful scientists, artists (especially artists), athletes etc. although unfortunatly most of them are active in USA.

My advice:wake up!

Industrialists and other rich people invented this beautiful word, the word “lazy” to make you working for them many hours every day.

And BTW i have to inform you that inglorious economy in southern europe is not something new.Ancient Greece was always described as poor (in terms of money and gold, not culture etc.)

the reason is that these people deny to be slaves of their industrialists etc. and on the other hand because south europe has the poorest ground in the whole continent


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