For me…

1) Kinda not like them… They are most likely to be see Slavic men as secondary to them…
2) They have some culture, but I kinda not like them… Yet, not have big problems with them. Maybe with French only
3) Not know much from them, only that they disappeared mostly, but friends of Slvs
4) Somewhere I heard that today’s Greeks are nothing to do with ancient Greeks, not even in genetics… Well, they are something like Southern Slavs. My feelings are Mixed towards them
5) No comment… You know..
6) They are somewhat interesting men. Even can say they have a little respect
7) Good people, respect them
8) Something like 5) No comment…
9) Interesting Question! The Kingdom of Spain is like former Yugoslavia… They are fierce warriors, but we could imagine only what they would do with  freedom. Like Catalonia is lived by non Spaniards…


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