1) Germanics – I am ok with them (except for the English, they are a plague) as long as they do not behave hostile or chauvinist against Slavic nations.

2) Romanics – Mixed bag. You find good people and bad people among them.

3) Celts – I like them, especially the Irish. Up the ‘RA!

4) Greeks – Lazy. Present day Greeks indeed have little in common with ancient Greeks and many have mixed with non-Whites.

5) Hungarians – Same as with the Germanics.

6) Finnics – I like Finland a lot and have great respect for them for their victory against the Soviets in the Winter War.

7) Balts – I like them a lot.

8) Albanians – Dirty *****

9) Basques – I like them a lot and support their independence.


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