1) Germanics – Scandinavians are ok. I’m generally neutral or warm towards them. Germans and British are the greatest evil of Europe.

2) Romanics – I view them as gypsy-ish.

3) Celts – Generally, I like them as a *culture*. However, any I’ve met (and it has been a lot) are just sad drunkards that make you wonder how such a great culture as the Celts even gave birth to such idiots. A fallen people.

4) Greeks – I like them. Good, relaxed people. Politically confused, though.

5) Hungarians – Not a huge fan, but they can be alright.

6) Finnics – General dislike.

7) Balts – Don’t know much about them, but they don’t bother me in the slightest. I view these nations in a positive light.

8 ) Albanians – Can’t think of enough insults to describe them, so we’ll skip it. The worst of the worst.

9) Basques – I want them to be independent. I like them.


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