Any you find particularly interesting?

And in regards to the drunkedness thing, both of you are correct. Many of our wonderful people also have drinking problems

However, (and this is a big however).. In my experiences (and keep in mind, that is all I have to go by) most Slavs, when drunk, still have some sense of dignity about them. They can still somehow hold a conversation and not go entirely off the rails. They don’t start stripping naked, swearing, and yelling at passer-bys, and generally acting like lunatics who you would place in an asylum. The same cannot be said for the Celts (especially Irish.)

We have lots of Irish tourists here in Australia. And people of Irish descent. These people, when drunk, seem to lose sense of everything real in the world. They become an arrogant, incoherent, blabbering mess of a human being, with no thought or regard for their own safety, or anyone else’s. They lose all inhibitions, lose any morals they may have had, and are generally degenerate losers.

My sister recently went to Ireland, and said that it’s not much better there. She said she was afraid to go out in Dublin, because it’s such a criminal hole.

And in my personal opinion, the Irish people are as romanticised as gypsies. People can think of Gypsies as mysterious, caravan-dwelling fortune tellers who can sing and dance with the best of them. As we know, this isn’t true.

Same goes with Irish. People think of them as “down for a good time, happy, friendly” etc, but it’s simply not the case. They can drink a lot, yes, but they can’t handle their alcohol well at all.

And living in this multicultural land has given me insight to many different nationalities across the globe.. None.. I repeat.. NONE make bigger fools of themselves than the Irish when intoxicated. It’s just embarassing.

I’d also like to add, for such a supposedly “proud” people, all the ones I have met like the english, don’t know or care about discussing their nation’s history or issues. Every other tourist loves it when you know something about their home country. Not so the Irish.

As I said.. Celtic culture, in its past was cool. I enjoy their music and their mythology, and their past. But whatever they had, they have no more. I just can’t respect modern day Celts, as much as I want to.


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