1) Germanics – I like Scandinavian culture and mythology, movies also and have relatives and friends who live there so I want to visit them, very open minded people that gave a lot of chances to every one but in some quiet wired way some of them  believe in non mixing with others and mostly they think that S. Slavs are thieves and things like that. I’m not so much crazy about Germany and Austria even though I’ve been there for a month by me relatives and I find people very cold in aprouch. And their chicks are fat and ugly. But they have very good beers so that makes us even

2) Romanics – I did not met much of them but I am very good friend with one in my dorm and he is a very open minded, likes eating and drinking as we South Slavs so for me is ok. I don’t like their overcare for feelings, I found us more raw in that way towards other people but yet again we are all over patriotic (  South Slavs ).

3) Celts – I’m friend with few of them. I was allways thinking that their chick are ugly but it is not true. Mostly I’m friend with female ones, they like me and Slovenian guys cause we allways watch out for them and we don’t allow other idiots to attack them in all sort of ways so they find it very charming and adopting us fast as brothers and things like that. Also guys who I meet they are very friendly cause we drink and absolutley they love the fact that we are crazy for football like them.

4) Greeks –  I’ve been in Greece and did not feel so much of their hospitality altough I had a beautiful time. Those who I meet here were very nationalistic and cause of their brotherhood with Serbs they were verbaly agressive towards me, but later me and my Serb friends convinced them that we are real brothers. With fists These days I’m joking with them cause we one game against them and we are going to World Cup so they realy don’t have possibility to love me xD

5) Hungarians –  I was trying to speek with few of them cause they said that they know German but they realy just think that they know. Don’t bother me, I’m not so aware of Hung presence.

6) Finnics – I know about them only from documentary movies.

7) Balts –  I’m friend with one guy from Lithuania, they have realy big passion for martial arts as we and mostly are mentaly the same people. Like them for now

8 ) Albanians – I have Albanian cousiens from grandmas side, also in my city I had few Albanian friends. They are very stick tight, don’t let people to get in their community so easy and I must say that stereotype of their antilaw jobs is not stereotype. Trust me on this one.

9) Basques – I’ve meet one guy, he said to me that he has eaten ćevapi and they are good just cause we South Slavs believe so not so that they are good indeed. He also said that Bosniak musl. are not real Bosniaks. Well, I like the fact that I have not seen him since than. I’ve heard that he was robbed in Sarajevo, respect to brothas xD Just joking.

And yeah, sry for bad English I’m better in verbal part xD