1. Germanics – one of the greatest European nations and… that says it all.

2. Romanics – lovely countries, very beautiful languages (especially Spanish!). Beautiful people and unique culture.

3. Celts – I do not know much about them, but they have a very nice music.

4. Greeks – A very close nation to us. They brought the Orthodox Christianity, our Coat of Arms  – it’s Coat of Arms of Byzantium, the majority of Russian names has a Greek origin (and mine too), etc. We can say that this is one of the nations which had a huge influence on the formation of our mentality and… we are grateful to them for that )))

5. Hungarians – they are very close to Slavs, it’s true. And I’ve heard a lot about the beautiful Budapest. ))

6. Finnics – We have great respect for this nation, and they have one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world. )))

I dont know much about of the rest nations. And I’m sorry for my bad English.