Pentaz, do you by any chance know any White Croatian surnames? Or link where I can find them?
Since part of my family comes form there, I am curious to see if I don't perhaps have some of this roots.
In this region, surnames like Sudyka, Szetela, Pirga and such are common. Do you know perhaps if there is some similar ones of White Croats?


Hmm it's hard to say…because then from 1th to 10th century, the period of White Croatia in present day Poland, surnames weren't that spread yet, most of the people just had names and people were mostly pagan thus had no surnames. Only later with christianization surnames were being made meaning if there was a white Croat in Poland in the time of Christianization he would probably aquire a west Slavic form of surname for let's say if a white Croat there was a blacksmit he would become KOWALSKI then so you could hardly find it out like that, or surnames as Slavnik… thought there was a large number of White Croats that simply gained surnames in Chrurch because they maybe didn't have a notable profession thus they simply acquired a ethnic surname as Horvat, Hrvat, Charvat, Horvatik, Krobot or something alike and these are easy to locate.

But i think there is an list of ship passengers to America in the early 20'th century where you could see their nationality and their national belonging which they said for themselves… i'm sure there you could find Polish Croatians that said for themselves they are White Croats because as i have read there was about 100,000 White Croats from Poland that did emigrate to America. You could maybe check it like that, check for White Croats from Poland and check their surnames.

I don't know is there such on the internet, but you can find that info in this document: "US Senate-Reports on the Immigration commission, Dictionary of races or peoples, Washington DC, 1911, p. 40, 43, 105. "