Lemkos(Ukraine Carpathians) – possible descendants of White Croats


The ethnogenesis of the Lemkos is still being discussed by scholars. According to one theory, the Lemkos (and other Carpatho-Rusyns) are descendants of the White Croats. Some Polish scholars claim that they developed from a Vlach – Rusyn migration in the 14th and 15th centuries. There is also a view that they are refugees from Rus who moved to the Western side of the Carpathian Mountains in the 14th century to escape the Mongol invasion. Some scholars suggest that settlers from Rus' may have arrived earlier to the area traditionally inhabited by Lemkos.

Haplogroup I is found at very low frequencies (generally < 3%) throughout Europe, Middle East and South Asia. It is nearly absent in parts of Europe (Iberia, South-West France, Ireland) and strongest in Iceland (> 5%), Scotland, Norway, southern Finland, Ukraine, Greece and western Anatolia. A February 2009 study found that Lemkos in the Carpathian mountains have the "highest frequency of haplogroup I (11.3%) in Europe, identical to that of the population of Krk Island (Croatia) in the Adriatic Sea".



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