Hun origins are not clear at all. One theory states that they were confederation of steppe tribes (inc. old Iranic tribes, Turkic tribes, Slavs, Eastern Germanic Goths, even Mongols etc.), while others say just Turkic and yet others claim Iranic origins.

It is not clear since they were barbarian nomad horsemen who did not have any written evidence from their time that linguists can now compare their language to. Only thing that does exist is their current language, which is clearly not Turkic.

In fact, linguists have even abandoned Finno-Ugric theory, as apart from some somewhat similar words, there is nothing in common between Hungarian and Finnish. Genetically also not. They are two totally different peoples, let alone between Turks and Hungarians, between which there are only differences and nothing in common (except some elements of cuisine, since indeed Huns and original Turkic tribes shared common food culture living in Russian steppes and having to move around always).

I personally believe that historically one can indeed link old steppe tribes with old steppe culture only, and not necessarily tribal language and origins. This is why historically, ancestors of both Turks and Hungarians shared common steppe culture, but nothing else. Hungarian and Turkish languages are totally different, as are their genetics. I mean, put average Turk next to average Hungarian and tell me they are related. They have nothing in common. Hungarians are much more similar to Slavs than Turks.

About Bulgarians, no idea about Bulgar origins, but there are also two theories: 1) Iranian origins and 2) Turkic origins, but I think better one of our Bulgarian members clarifies this. Genetically, Bulgarians indeed share some similair haplogroup frequencies with Turks, but one has to remember it used to be Byzantium and this genetics were common among Balkans/Near Eastern populations.

I am not talking about genetics or looks, Hungarians are genetically speaking more Slavs than any other group be it Turk or German (so I read). Their culture and language comes from the Onogurs, namely the Turkic steppe tribe of Magyars that were a part of the Gokturk Khanate. The 'seven Slavic tribes' (Bulgarian Slavs) went through the same situation as the south Moravians (I'll say) only that the Onogur tribe was not Magyar but Bulgar. The difference is that the Slavs in the east (Bulgarians) preserved their Slavic heritage, while the Slavs in the west (Hungarians) didn't.

Genetically speaking the Onogur Turkic component is minor cause they were in both states nobility that never intermingeld with the lower class, namely the Slavs.