I am not talking about genetics or looks, Hungarians are genetically speaking more Slavs than any other group be it Turk or German (so I read). Their culture and language comes from the Onogurs, namely the Turkic steppe tribe of Magyars that were a part of the Gokturk Khanate. The 'seven Slavic tribes' (Bulgarian Slavs) went through the same situation as the south Moravians (I'll say) only that the Onogur tribe was not Magyar but Bulgar. The difference is that the Slavs in the east (Bulgarians) preserved their Slavic heritage, while the Slavs in the west (Hungarians) didn't.

Genetically speaking the Onogur Turkic component is minor cause they were in both states nobility that never intermingeld with the lower class, namely the Slavs.

Indeed one theory is this Turkic origin theory of their language, but one can't say same thing about their culture.
Culturally they are very similar to neighbouring Slavs and Germans (Austrians), other than their celebration of horse archery, something indeed typical of steppe culture and heritage. And some of their cuisine, of course.

Celebration of horse archery is just a product of modern romanticism.  For instance, the activity was essentially dead in Mongolia until it was resurrected in recent times.  And contrary to what most people assume, the Mongols and the Turks were not the only ones with horse archers.  The Byzantines and Slavs were well noted throughout history for horse archery.