Celebration of horse archery is just a product of modern romanticism.  For instance, the activity was essentially dead in Mongolia until it was resurrected in recent times.  And contrary to what most people assume, the Mongols and the Turks were not the only ones with horse archers.  The Byzantines and Slavs were well noted throughout history for horse archery.

Not to mention Parthians (Persians). I believe whole concept of mounted archery came from them originally.


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Thanks man. I think it is possible that art of horse archery was developed by Scythians and later Turkic people adopted this style of warfare. We know Kazahstanies often look "mixed" so maybe Scythians began to mix with turkic people and lost their original culture and language. Something similar happened in Anatolia. Also we must know that Turkic and other nomads had to make alliance with Slavic tribes or other tribes. Without alliance they couldnt wage succesful raids. Slavs often joined them becouse they knew they will benefit from this. To understand those times i think we should read this.

Avar khagan Bayan I sent an embassy, asking Daurentius and his Slavs to accept Avar suzerainty and pay tribute, because the Avars knew that the Slavs had amassed great wealth after repeatedly plundering the Byzantine Balkan provinces. Daurentius reportedly retorted that "Others do not conquer our land, we conquer theirs […] so it shall always be for us", and had the envoys slain. Bayan then campaigned (in 578) against Daurentius' people, with aid from the Byzantines, and set fire to many of their settlements, although this did not stop the Slavic raids deep into the Byzantine Empire.