We know Kazahstanies often look "mixed" so maybe Scythians began to mix with turkic people and lost their original culture and language. Something similar happened in Anatolia.

I remember reading that original Turkics were racially mostly Caucasian with some Mongoloid influence, but not total Mongols.

Kazakhstan and other Central Asian "stans" have extremely high levels of R1a haplogroup, as well as having mixed Eurasian look, definitely suggests that Eastern white tribes (Iranic, Tocharian, Eastern Germanic, Slavic and original Turkic – despite not being fully white) definitely make up part of their heritage. On other hand, Mongols ravaged this steppe lands and slaughtered off many of them during times of Mongol Empire (especially men in combat), probably also taking local females as wives/booty (at that time probably mostly Caucasian racial type), and therefore over time creating this hybrid of Asian and European peoples known today as Central Asian Turkics.

That's what I think anyway, but I think it sounds logical.

Daurentius reportedly retorted that "Others do not conquer our land, we conquer theirs […] so it shall always be for us", and had the envoys slain. Bayan then campaigned (in 578) against Daurentius' people, with aid from the Byzantines, and set fire to many of their settlements, although this did not stop the Slavic raids deep into the Byzantine Empire.

Hahahaha, this! This has remained in Slavic mentality to this day. Pity we didn't rid Balkans of Albanians when we had chance.

Yes it possible that Turkic were originaly european looking. Anway word stan (Khazakstan) can have many meanings in Slovene language.

1) planšarski stan =  community of alpine meadow dwellings or alpine meadow huts
2) stanovanje = residence,
3) stan can also mean estate
4) samski stan = unmarried, single
5) stanje = situation

There are also other meanings but these examples are enough. Well if Turkic were european looking i still think they must have been heavly influenced by Iranic's like Scyhtians. For example Khazakstan was populated by Scythians for centuries but later many ancestors of Scythians went to europe and some invaded area of modern Iran others were slowly absorbed by Turkic people. I belive Parthians were basicaly a powerful Scythian tribe but i am not sure.