I know i am getting bit off topic but on wikipedia i found this info about Scythians;

The haplotypes and haplogroups of 26 ancient human specimens from the Krasnoyarsk area in Siberia dated from between the middle of the second millennium BC. to the 4th century AD (Scythian and Sarmatian timeframe). Nearly all subjects belong to haplogroup R1a1-M17 which is thought to mark the eastward migration of the early Indo-Europeans. The results also confirm that throughout the Bronze and Iron Ages, south Siberia was a region of overwhelmingly predominant Europoid settlement, suggesting an eastward migration of Kurgan people across the Russo-Kazakh steppe. Finally, the study authors suggest that their data shows that between Bronze and Iron Ages, the constellation of populations known variously as Scythians, Andronovians, etc. were blue (or green)-eyed, fair-skinned and light-haired people which might have played a role in the early development of the Tarim Basin civilization.

This confirms impressions based on depictions of Scythian men in art. Scythians possessed pronounced Europoid faces and sported a beard and long hair; perhaps most resembling later medieval Slavs. This is confirmed by accounts of the Alans, a successor ancient Iranic steppe group, who were described by Ammianius as being tall and blonde.