Now that topic of Sarmatism has come up, it is interesting to note also that among Slavs it was strongest in Poland (which then included Ruthenia – Belarus/Ukraine) and Croatia, while Sarmatia of ancient times basically was today's Poland and Ruthenia (both of which included white Croatia). This shows that it's very much in our blood if it re-appears thousands of years later.

What is also interesting is that it made big re-appearance also in Hungary and Romanian states, meaning that despite now they are not speaking Slavic languages, we probably share common roots with them too, since they too had lands considered part of Sarmatia Magna (as per Roman historians). But OK, I am little bit off topic. Sarmatism topic exists here: http://www.slavorum.com/index.php/topic,115.0.html if anybody is interested in learning more.

This is a dangerous trap my friend. Sarmatia was whole of eastern europe/central. Hell even pannonia was reported as Sarmatia during 200 years of bickering between byzantine cars.  Sarmatia in my mind and I could bet 1000 euros was inhabited by a slavic majority and a iranic (indoeuropean) minority. It's not a coincidence that slavs were excellent hunters, marksmen, bowmen etc. We lived on the steppes with the sarmatian iranic tribes. Nothing weird. First slav states were formed in the Balkans by serbs and croats due to the regions inaccesibility to stride on horse. Looting & pillaging was harder in that location than in the great plains of the east/central parts.