To add: My point is not to say all are Croats or Goths or Russins(Ukrains) or Valachi, or IndoPersians… my point is that all new nationes were made from two or more diferent culturale tribes. Like is British history acepting as English many diferent tribes ethnicity. My opinion is about old Croats that they were pagans slavic tribes first folowing Goths tribes in they conquring of Europe from third century. It is opinion about all slavic nations too but it is not nice to talk like that if other slavic nationalities members don't agree with me. So i just stayed on south Croatian and Serb history speculation becos it is my blood. Slavic was devided by many reasons, they folowed expanse and inteligent tribes as Goths becouse of trades and honors and new lands to rule for new rulers. I think the same helmets and letters and even some names proves my opinion. Many new slavic rulers have names as Vladislav or something like that which is in exact coalision with the names of some Goth rulers which names odly ends on -mir,-voj,-(s)lav, -ic.
I think today Croats and all west and mid balkan Slavs have heritage in gotho-slavic culture and names, in ilirycs, romans and greeks.
I know many of you disagree with me but i think Slavs were in Greek and Balkan, Panonia and on Adriatic see from begining of new era.