Alarich all this could have sense only if you can prove it. Where are proofs of your statement? Helmets and few words. Of course that we could have similar words with Goths, we are all Indoeuropeans, and when you go in older past you will find more and more simmilar words. Reason for that is the fact that language is living thing and as such it evolve during history. We all onced talked the same language proto Aryan or Indoeuropean. Helmets prove nothing. Croatian cavalry used some of the weapon and military tactics from Turks, but that don`t mean that they are Turks. I drive German car, but i`m not a German. Goths were the most eastern tribe of all Germanic tribes, and in places which they have connections with Slavs and others, intercultural things occured. There is no "pure" nation, all of them incorporated small groups and things from other nations that they can use it for their own good.
Give me one proof of Slavic settelment on Adriatic coast and Balkan before migration. That theory do not have solid grounds.
Our old Gods are only our Gods. As any other european mythology our Slavic one is based on our common Aryan (Indoeuropean) gods when we were one big community. Slavic tribes gave "slavic touch" and today and in the past they are only Slavic. This goes for any other european nation, germanic tribes gave them their touch, romans they own etc.
Homeland of Slavs is place in Europe which have a lots of forest and water. Linguistic deduction prove that Slavs used to live in places with forest and moist land. In our slavic languages we have so many words to describe a water, river, swamp etc. We needed to produce so many words for so many different things around us to be able to "communicate" with our surrounding. Look other people: Arabs have many words for different kind of sand, for us is sand, Inuits (Eskimo is rascist word) have several hundreds word for snow, we have few, some african tribes which are predominantly cattle herders have 400 words for describe a single cow. In how many words you can describe a cow? :) Do you understand what i`m trying to say?