Cape Arkona, Slavic temple.


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Well i guess Arkona was temple of Western Slavs, maybe not specifically only Poles but in general western Slavs as Poles, Sorbs, Moravians, White Croats(from Poland) but i think this should be here on this thread since it has a lot to do with Poles and western Slavs.

The temple fortress of Arkona, today called Jaromarsburg, was the religious centre of the Slavic Rani in the Early Middle Ages. The temple was dedicated to the deity Svantevit, who was depicted with four heads. The temple housed an important horse oracle in Slavic times, where the behaviour of a white stallion could decide peace or war (horse oracles have a long history in this region, being already attested in the writings of Tacitus).

Today, only about a quarter of the old fortress is left, as the chalk-promontory it was built on is slowly eroded by the Baltic. Rescue excavations are in progress.

The fortress at Arkona was destroyed in 1168 by Danish invaders (see Absalon). The sanctuary of Slavic god Svantevit was also destroyed. This event preceded the forced Christianization of the region's inhabitants.


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