I really love to cook. Lately I have been learning how to cook Polish food and I’m really enjoying it. I have a couple pictures I posted up, one is of bigos in a dutch oven and another is homemade perogi with potato and cheese filling..

Excuse the carrots, they were going to go bad so I tossed them in since bigos does not have a standard recipe. When I first made bigos, I used a pork tenderloin but since it had very little fat it fell apart while cooking. This time I used pork ribs and I tried to find the most “fattiest” ones to give bigos more flavor and it turned out great!

I have only made this once. It was time consuming but it was a lot of fun and rewarding, I didn’t do anything fancy for the filling just made mashed potatoes and added cheese. I think I should have made the dough a little thinner but my Father loved them along with a glass of ice cold buttermilk. I had just enough dough to make one last perog with raspberry jam and it turned out well. Next time I will make more with sauerkraut filling or some type of meat filling.