Duck stuffed with sour apples and cranberries with cranberries sauce.

There are many ways to cook the bird. Here is a recipe I know.

Cranberries – клюква.

The birds in supermarkets are often imported from other countries and sold frozen. It's important to find a duck of good quality. The duck is fatty bird and fat should be removed.

Rub coarse salt with little bit of black pepper over the bird and put it aside. You can rub some honey if you like it sweet.

Remove skin from apples; slice the apples in small pieces and mix them with cranberries.
Stuff the bird with the apples and cranberries and sew up the opening of the bird’s stomach with threads. You can also add everyone’s favourite buckwheat porridge to suffing if you like.)

Place grid on a baking tray; put the bird on the grid and places it in pre-heated oven. The cooking time would depend on the size of the bird. It takes about 40-45 minutes for each kilogram of meat at oven's average temperature.

There will be a lot of fat and juices at the bottom of the baking tray coming out of the duck. Turn the bird on each side every 30 minutes pouring some juices over the bird so it doesn’t get burnt and dried. Or, you can wrap the bird in aluminum foil and remove it 15-20 minutes before the bird is cooked to get a golden crust.

Cranberry sauce
Vegetable oil or Olive oil
Basil, allspice (гвоздика), cardamom. Any of your favourite spices.

Crash cranberries in a bowl. You can blend cranberries in a blender; we prefer to crash them manually.
Add 2 table spoons of olive oil and a little a bit of honey. Put the bowl on stove and simmer it for about 15 minutes.
After the sauce is nearly cooked crash in garlic and add in all spices.

It's ready to be served.

Alternatively, we can cut up the duck in large pieces placing them on a grid in a ceramic pot. It's important to put a grid inside as there will be a lot of fat inside the pot. You can add in some potatoes and carrots on the grid and your favourite spices. It's also a good idea to attach a thread or two to each piece otherwise you will find it difficult to take the pieces out of the pot when they're cooked.


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