however our kapuśňica is different because we use plums (to be honest we dont add them anymore since we dont have plums  ;D

In our family we're adding as bonus mushrooms and potatoes. Mum also used to made it with rice, but I told her to quit it XD I know also version with bacon, onion and apples (at once!), though I don't like plums in it >.<
In our family at Christmas we're cooking meatless "vianočná kapustnica", which looks like this:

[img height=400]http://varecha.pravda.sk/usercontent/images/velky-recept89272_1261829456.jpg”/>
Yes, those black things are plums :P We use mushrooms instead

And this "silvestrovská kapustnica" we cook at New Year. It has meat and sausages, and potatoes and mushrooms and more meat :)



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