This soup was often cooked in our family during summesr when fresh sorrel was commonly sold on the market. The soup is a little sour but it tastes good.  :)

Zupa szczawiowa z jajkiem/Щи зеленые с яйцом/Sorrel and egg soup.

Slovaks have šťavelová/štiavová/šóšková polievka as well, but I haven't eat it yet personally. I call it šťavel, but there are also variants štiava or šóška.
Instead, my auntie once cooked šťavelový prívarok, because it's just weed in grandpa's garden. Why even buying it goddamnit?! XD
I remember I didn't like it though :/ Šťavel is the best if you eat it raw, in my opinion :)

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