Slovaks have šťavelová/štiavová/šóšková polievka as well, but I haven't eat it yet personally. I call it šťavel, but there are also variants štiava or šóška.
Instead, my auntie once cooked šťavelový prívarok, because it's just weed in grandpa's garden. Why even buying it goddamnit?! XD
I remember I didn't like it though :/ Šťavel is the best if you eat it raw, in my opinion :)

Grandpa’s garden is not close to our home, so Mum was buying sorrel on the market. I cannot recall other families I visited cooking the soup. My Mum grew up in a rural area.
I read an article the other day finding Belarusians, Lithuanians and Masovians (I think) used different grasses in soup making. Nettel is still in use. It may look funny to people who never tried it but that’s the kind of ingredients people used in traditional cuisine in some countries. I tried raw sorrel too. :) I also like raw cabbage stump.    :)


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