As a newbie to the forum, I've spent the past hour reading through this thread. It was wonderful and I will be back to get recipes to try.  It is amazing how the sharing of food brings people closer together and in touch with their cultures. It is really wonderful that people put recipes or links to sites with recipes here! :)

I am recovering from abdominal surgery and the posts about bears had me lmao and it hurt! OMG – we have bears in our back yards, walking down streets, in our school yards! Black bears that is.  When I was young I lived way up in northern Canada where there are polar bears as well. My father is a very skilled trapper/hunter (from before he was married). He taught my husband to hunt, but the one thing we NEVER eat is bear!  Someone said that they (bears) sometimes eat in garbage bins so they taste weird! Really!! Bears eat anything including scavenging off dead things – you are what you eat! Yuck!

The beef threads! That made me laugh too.  I love beef and hate lamb, organ meats and any type of food  made from blood. Don't like bread either. I have to say I'm a sorry excuse for a Slav! I can't even bake bread. My husband says my bread would sink nets in the river!  Here the rivers are very wild and keeping a net put in one takes some heavy weights!  ;D

My favorite foods are:


as well as cabbage rolls and perogies.

Sviatogor, I've had nettle tea – don't try it either! Tastes as bad as you think it would – like boiled weeds! ;D


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