Toshe is from Todor/Teodor, right? Which is, indeed, Greek. Though if we check at least the names of the Macedonian presidents, we have 1-2 with Slavic (Branko and eventually Boris) and 2 with Greek names (Kiro and George). From the PMs we have 2-3 Slavic (Vlado, Lyubcho, plus the aforementioned Branko), 1 Greek (2xNikola) and current one is Latin (Emil); also one Hari, but he’s a Vlach anyway. Which is not so bad.
Then again, if we look at politician’s names, Bulgaria is a bit better as well – PMs: 3 Slavic (Boyko, Plamen, Lyuben), 3 Greek (Georgi, Stefan, Filip), 3 Latin (Marin, Sergey, Reneta), 3 Hebrew/Biblical (Simeon, Ivan, Zhan); Presidents: 2 Slavic (Rosen, Zhelyu (from Zhelyazko)) and 2 Greek (Georgi, Petar).