>Because I keep telling you they’re historical. There are lots of
different denominations in Australia, unlike Russia or Belarus where
almost Christian is Orthodox Christian. There are many churches that are
simply started by a single family.

These are functional and registered churches. Not historical buildings standing as museums or small communities of friends.. It does not matter how many denominations are out there. People attend these churches; hence they are religious. What other evidence do you need? Belarus has protestants, large Roman Catholic community. Eastern Orthodox. Jewish community. Muslim community . Greek Catholic, Apostolic Orthodox.

> I’ve already showed you what Australians think, you just refuse to believe it for some weird reason.

I have a reason to refuse to believe this. Fair-dinkum is widely known Australian slang for ‘true’ . Second or third generation Australians are not true (fair-dinkum) Australians?

>Have I ever denied that Australia society is based on Judeo-Christian
values? No. Did I say that Australian society is not as openly religious
as American and Balkan society? Yes. 

I don’t about the Balkans. American mid-west is certainly religious. You are not making much sense even after I presented facts about numbers of Christian schools, churches, organisations, celebrations of Christmas and Easter in Australia. Number of Christian shops. It’s been a struggle for Australian government to pass same sex marriage law because general public and many politicians have been against it. The reason they are against it due to their Christian upbringing.  It appears you are downplaying the religious nature of  Australian society.

If I had a polls about the importance of religion for Australia I ‘d have posted here. As I stated religion is not as important in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine as many other countries. Only in Scandinavian countries the religion is less important.