Why not so Christian Sydney with a smaller population than that of St Petersburg has 9 times churches than St Petersburg? Someone is attending and supporting those churches.

Because I keep telling you they’re historical. There are lots of different denominations in Australia, unlike Russia or Belarus where almost Christian is Orthodox Christian. There are many churches that are simply started by a single family. 

Australians are fair-dinkum Aussies. How can they not be? Ask Australians around what fair-dinkum means to them. 

I’ve already showed you what Australians think, you just refuse to believe it for some weird reason.

Christianity is present everywhere in Australia by the look of it. It’s entrenched in Australian society evident from a large number of Christian schools, organisations, large number of Christian churches around the country. New citizens sitting for citizenship test have to answer the question about Australian values. Those values are based on Judaeo-Christian traditions. What other evidence But if someone lives in Muslim districts of Sydney or Melbourne, then he or she  may have another perception about Australian society

Have I ever denied that Australia society is based on Judeo-Christian values? No. Did I say that Australian society is not as openly religious as American and Balkan society? Yes.