Wikileaks, 2008: Basescu told US he was not ruling out military conflict with Russia in Transnistria


In a meeting with US Senator Richard Lugar in Bucharest on August 27, 2008, President Traian Basescu voiced concerns that Romania could be drawn into a military conflict with Russia in Transnistria, following a similar scenario with what had happened in Georgia earlier that month, according to a cable of the US embassy in Bucharest, released by Wikileaks on September 1, according to Gandul.

If Russia launched the provocation in Transnistria, Basescu said Romania would have had to face some “very tough options.” In his personal comment, then US Ambassador Nicholas Taubman wrote that Basescu “clearly worries” about the possibility and the fact such a Russian provocation “may practically require a Romanian military response.”

On the other hand Basescu said he was “shocked” by the immense lack of maturity Georgian government “adventurers” showed when they answered Russia’s provocations. Known as the five-day war, Georgia’s invasion by Russia happened on August 8, 2008, under the pretext that Georgian troops had attacked Russians in South Ossetia.

Basescu also wondered if Georgia’s blunders and its weak military actions could have been intentional, in order to determine NATO to intervene on behalf of Georgia.



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