I was baptized Roman Catholic, but never confirmed, on paper I'm currently listed as Wiccan (because it's the only Paganism legally recognized in the US as a religion) I was raised by devout Catholic parents, but grew up with stories from my maternal grandmother, on the bastardization of pagan deities into christian saints, and knowledge of the old ways. Fortunately my parents never forced Catholicism on me and actually encouraged me to study all religions and go with what I feel is right in my heart. For me that was Paganism, I'm very eclectic and don't adhere to any single tradition, I see all deities conceived by man as different aspects of one supreme divine force. Christ, Buddha, Mohammad etc… were all great people with high enough morals to actually inspire others to be better people, and all should be respected in my opinion, however my connection with God(dess) is very private and personal to me. My current goal is to learn more about the slavic traditions of Paganism as it is connected to me through my ancestry, and to me it's important to know and respect where you come from.

There are as many "right" religions as there are people on Earth. Religion only takes on a bad reputation when it's organized and run by men/women as we are all fallible.