Poles and other Slavs should convert to paganism, if anything. This is true and native faith of all Slavs. We shouldn't be neither Catholic nor Orthodox. This are religions from Middle East that worship jewish Jesus.

Jesus was son of God. God is not a Jew.  ;)

So, let me guess, this is actually what a Jew told about himself and his beliefs? :D I'm sure that this is more trustworthy than what our ancestors told us about how things work.

I don't account myself as a Catholic any more, maybe also the religious education (in the school, church as well as at home) helped to remove the scales from my eyes. By the way, if you are baptized once, you can't officially secede from the Church. The only way how to secede from the Church, is to be expelled from the Church. Such bastards!

But it was Slovak folk culture and walking in the nature that definitely opened my eyes. All of those customs and sayings have deep pre-Christian roots and I started to recognize them in other, true way. Burning of Morena, Kračún (Winter Solstice), Svätojánske ohne (Summer Solstice), custom of Lucie (witches), Turíce or Rusadla etc. etc., proverbs, legends, folk medicine, folk costumes, old architecture, in two words The Folk Wisdom, this all convinced me of that the Christian Church is a foreign element within the Slavic nations. Christian practices seem to be occult and strange to me more and more, honestly it scares me sometimes. I would ignore Christians, but they don't ignore me and my native faith – they hate everything folkish and pagan, because they are afraid of its spiritual force…

Probably the worst thing, I dislike about Christianity, is accusing newborns of being the sinful pagans (unless they are baptized). They say that children are conceived and born from a sin, so sex between a man and woman is the sin and a woman is sinful too. Just think about it, isn't it sick? When I give birth to my babies in the future, I won't be sinful as a mother and they won't be sinful either. Child is a pure miracle of the nature, not a sinful pagan creature as the Christian doctrine says.  >:(  If you start to think about the Christian words, you would find out that it is all about the fear, fear and fear… That's why I'm happy that the folk culture is still alive and the nature is full of spiritual force. I accept heritage of my ancestors and I find it right.

If my father reads this, he would get a heart-attack for sure.  ;D

I couldn't agree more. Never met a woman who discovered her true nature in such a pure way. Thank you, I'm not alone! <3