In my opinion the old Slavic faith is a religion only for those who really understand it, not for people who in the end are just watering it down by turning it into some simplified, fashionable new age hippie bullshit.

I've never met anyone of your description ("fashionable new age hippie bullshit"). Those who don't take Rodnoverie seriously, mostly are former "odinists" who just discovered Slavic mythology. I say "odinist" because that includes wearing of Germanic heathen symbols and listening to pagan Germanic bands only. This is rather fashionable, but definitely not new age hippie.

Perhaps I expressed myself the wrong way. I just have the feeling that native faith today is all about wearing symbols, making fires, going to the woods, cosplay and pretending to be living in the 9th century or something. Maybe it's a nice hobby and all, but in my eyes it does little to revive the old Slavic spirituality, it looks more like Wicca dressed up in Slavic imagery. I firmly believe that in times of our ancestors there was a lot more about it than just that. We should rather try to recover forgotten wisdom instead of sticking to a watered down modernist version of it.