I was raised Catholic and, I suppose, that it will always be a part of me in some way. Catholicism is intertwined with Polish national identity in a big way. However, in practice, I am pretty much a Gnostic. The article on Aryanism.net that Sokil refers to was one that has influenced my thinking. Catholicism, and Christianity in general, is just the base I use to explore and think about the eternal things and higher powers. I also find Islam and Buddhism quite fascinating, as well as Slavic Native Faith. They each have their particularities, but all noble minded religions have much in common. E.g. the "40 days 40 nights" thing appear in Christianity – Jesus's time in the desert (commemorated by Lent), in Islam there is the month of fasting Ramadan and Buddha spent 40 days and night fasting and meditating under a tree.

So yeah, I am Catholic on paper, but universal in spirit and mind.