Yeah, pretty much, you have John Paul ll everywhere  :D

Yeah,  lol. It's both a good thing and a bad thing. The Polish Pope and the Catholic church were a unifying force in toppling Communism as they gave the country a banner to rally under, but the Polish association of nationalism and Catholic faith goes all the way back to the war with Sweden, the Deluge, in the late 1650s. Sweden was Protestant and Poland was Catholic, so by war's end, the normal political reasons for starting an imperialist war, were overcome by the religious divide. The Swedes caused some nasty damage including torching much of Warsaw so these events really hit hard in Poland. Many Szlachta who were openly Lutheran or East Orthodox, converted to Catholicism for fear or losing their titles and inheritances.

The main nationalist party in Poland, NOP, makes a declaration of Catholicism a requirement for membership. Again, not bad in of itself, since it can be a positive unifying factor, but Catholic dogma could use a toning down in Polish politics and nationalism.