You and all those who are still stuck in their adolescent "omfg Christianity sucks"-phase should read this article:


There is nothing wrong with Christians who reject the Old Testament (most Catholic and Orthodox believers I know do this anyway). In my opinion the old Slavic faith is a religion only for those who really understand it, not for people who in the end are just watering it down by turning it into some simplified, fashionable new age hippie bullshit. I personally think a gnostic rendition of Catholicism and Orthodoxy would be the best way for the Slavs.

Firstly: I'm twenty.
Secondly: I didn't read the complete article because the beginning was enough. Read On the Genealogy of Morality and The Antichrist by Nietzsche. I know that he is right by experience, not only by reading.
Thirdly: The SS has been pagan.
Lastly: It would be better to learn what Paganism is before judging, because then you would have the knowledge to be able to judge. Paganism is so much better, because Christianity how we know today is a modified one that includes pagan elements which couldn't be abandoned and the rest consisting of bullshit instead of better things which you can find in paganism. This hippie-bullshit is a phenomenon in Germany, USA and similar countries and nothing that should be tolerated. Though paganism is a complex religion, it is not too complex to be the religion of Europeans, because many times ago it actually has been our religion. However, Svätoslava has told what I would have written ;)

PS: I apologize if I sound unpleasant, it's because I'm writing many things rather directly (I didn't speak English for a long time).