Wends were Roman Catholic before they became Lutheran.

You know, Lutheranism branched away from Roman Catholicism.

-Technically correct, the Roman Catholic Church said we were Roman Catholic after defeating our Armies, they also said we were crazed murdring Pagans that needed to be civilized by the sword and those who would not convert sold to Jewish traders as slaves.  In the battle between Crusaders,Teutonic Knights and Levonian Sword Bretheran against the Slavs the Pope that sent them and the Church they were a part of was the Roman Catholic of the 800s to 1500s.  😮

We didn't have another choice until the 1500s when Martin Luther revolted in our very area.  The thrill of watching Germans help us run off the very priests who persecuted our people must have been exciting.  The Lutheran Universitis admitted Wends as full members of the community and we created the written Wendish language by translating Martin Luther's small Catacism into Wendish and later his translation of the New Testament.  That's why the Wend's language was never writen with Cyrillic letters and was written with Western style letter.  Not the current, but the last President of the Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod-the most conservative Branch) was Reverend Kiesnik who is a Wend from Serbin, Texas .  His ancestors came over on the Ben Nevis with mine to form a town (Serbin) where Wendish would always be taught and Church services are in Wendish.  In the middle of Concordia University is a large bell the Wends drug over from Germany, which if you can read German says on it, "God's word and Luther's Teachings are all we need".

We are not Roman Catholic, we are Wends and we will allways fight for our Freedom, as the Pagan Slavs of old no matter what evil the Pope plans against us.  ;D