Firstly: I'm twenty.

Fine, but where did I ask for your age? ;)

You told something about adolescent-F*ck Christianity-phase ;)

Secondly: I didn't read the complete article because the beginning was enough. Read On the Genealogy of Morality and The Antichrist by Nietzsche. I know that he is right by experience, not only by reading.

I've read them.

So it should be clear that my problem isn't with the old testament; I don't like Jesus and his philosophy for weaks either. I'd never turn the other cheek and a man who does that is not a man. But that's just an example, I hate his complete morality, it is nihilistic for me.

Thirdly: The SS has been pagan.

Nope. Simply because runes were used this does not make them pagan all of a sudden. For example, the Galician (Ukrainian) division of the Waffen SS had strong support from the Greek Catholic church.

"Jesus is the unethical son of a jewish whore", a SS-motto. of course I'm talking about "german" SS. The Handschar-Division wasn't pagan, too.