So it should be clear that my problem isn't with the old testament; I don't like Jesus and his philosophy for weaks either. I'd never turn the other cheek and a man who does that is not a man. But that's just an example, I hate his complete morality, it is nihilistic for me.

What Jesus said or might have said can be interpreted in various ways. Moreover, his philosophy should be seen as a highly idealist guideline, not as something to follow word by word (which no one in these times would be able to do).

"Jesus is the unethical son of a jewish whore", a SS-motto. of course I'm talking about "german" SS. The Handschar-Division wasn't pagan, too.

Never heard about that motto. Short note aside, your usage of the word "pagan" is debatable – since it's just the Christian term to describe all non-Christians. So in a way, Handzhar actually was pagan ;D