I think you didn't get me right; the whole later life of Jesus as described in the New Testament is a shit for me. You can interpret the whole book in many ways but not in that way which I could accept. And if that was possible, I would still choose paganism because it's way more beautiful and not alien. Christianity doesn't make anything better for me, only worse. I'm not a "let everyone be friends" hippie, I reject the modern world and I'm living as naturally as possible for a student. If you read on The Genealogy of Morality you should understand that I don't see anything positive in Slavemorality, shouldn't you?

“Christ stands never otherwise than erect, never otherwise than upright, eyes flashing in the midst of the creeping Jewish rabble, and the words fall like lashes of the whip: ‘Your father is the devil!’”

Not what I call a "let everyone be friends"-hippie. You should actually love the modern world if you reject Christian morality so much, since the modern world is mainly characterised by people being hedonistic, ruthless, selfish, greedy etc. – everything Christ stood against. By saying you are "trying to live as naturally as possible", you mentioned an important point why I reject the way of life of most self-proclaimed "pagans": they show a tendency of regression towards the primitive – which is useless, even destructive when fighting the modern world, since the modern world viewed from a spiritual point of view is pretty much as primitive as it gets. The purpose of reviving the ancient Slavic faith should not be regression (that's by no means what our ancestral faith was about) but progress and ennoblement (the goal of every Aryan religion). We need to evolve mentally and spiritualy just as we evolved in the fields of science and technology, after all, the whole history of the Aryan people is a history of progress, of striving and achieving. Thus, who wishes for a more primitive, "simple" way of life rejects everything his forefathers stood for.

I will stop debating about Christianity here, since I do not want to evoke the impression that I want to turn you or others into Christians – I wouldn't even call myself a Christian (however, I recognize Christ as what he was – a good person driven by a noble spirit).