Do you know that the alternative to Christianity is actually not only the modern world and that life is more than black and white, or do you also think that all atheists are selfish and corrupt whores? The modern world is way more better than Christianity, because the modern world can be changed, while Christianity results in stagnation because it depends on one single book. The modern world is actually a result of Christianity, because people don't admire nature anymore, because they have been taught to hate it because it was sinful, so no one has a problem with destroying that what they need to survive. Modern world, id est industrialized world, will fall and all the ones who are not able to live in nature will be selected out naturally, id est for example weak creatures who now are living a simple life in their warm houses. Nature always controlled us and not otherwise, if you want you can believe that this will not happen, I won't write why I know that it will actually happen (had the discussion already few weeks ago).

Concerning selfishness, hedonism and other decadent things – these are also reactions to todays Christianity with it's "we must love everyone" and "don't have sex, it's sinful" bullshit and americanizations (oh fuck, are Americans not these dumb radical Christs rejecting the theory of evolution? Maybe strict ban of sex and money* awakes peoples longing mvre than it is healty?). Pagans were not selfish because they needed their families to survive. They were not hedonistic because they hadn't any time to do that.

Concerning primitivity: our forefather have been anything else then primitive. A tribe holding on to it's culture and morals does not want to develop and get better so that they can f*ck around and be selfish, this is not the aim in developing; they don't throw away their culture because their culture always helped them surviving, giving them mental strenght to develop the right way. They develop WITH the culture, not against it. This is the difference. The modern world didn't develop with culture, with nature, but against it, and so it will fall.
Simple life? Pagan life is anything else than simple, if you want you can go into the forest and try to survive there just now. Try to build a house and see, that this is way more difficult than sitting in your room and typing some letters in your monitor, so that you can programm a new useless App for some silly iPhone users.

* It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.