I think it's too soon for people to heal yet. The majority of people either lived through the war of have at least lost a close member of the family to it. So the pain is still raw and no platitudes from some politician can solve this. I imagine it'll take a generation or two for the animosity to dwindle down. If of course the right wing doesn't keep adding oil to the flames to ride those warm winds to the top.
The important lesson to this is that no-one wins in a war and there is no side innocent of crime. The fact that alleged war criminals were protected and hailed as heroes, points to that the "we were right and you were wrong" mentality is still alive and kicking.

To me it seems sad, that most of the political campaigns are still based on who did what in the past, instead of focusing on the future and making plans for making the countries stable. With the economic crisis, it seems it's high time for the ex-yu market to band together.

You seem to be right. The thing can be compared with the eternal partizani vs domobranci thing in Slovenia. There will be no peace until the actors and their children die.