However I don't think that sex was a cult in ancient Paganism. Someone who studies the Slavic paganism, know if there are sexual references?

Would be interesting to know! Wait until there comes someone who is pagan. I not am specialist in Paganism, but I heard that paganism sounds like "be closer to nature". Sex is natural, and unlimited sex is closer to nature than Christian "after-marriage sex".

Yes, this kind of Unlimitied sex is know quite well in conutries like Africa where fathers don't care about who they have for children. Hippies in North America and Western Europe also tried to follow this free sex way and have today left many thousands of children without both parents living with them. It is a big disaster emotionaly for so many people.

In countries like Africa it is called a "matriachical society" where the children all just stay with the mothers and the fathers go out and have more wives. Their children don't matter to them emotionally. But in all of the Eurasian countries the Christian, Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist fathers all take looking after their children very seriously. They keep them with them and look after them all of their lives. And therefore these loved children love their fathers back just the same. Our Eurasian traditional cultures fostered emotionaly contented children. Not like the Afticans and modern politically correct hippies who have free sex and cast their own children about to whoever marries their wife next!