This article is written from an entirerly Roman Catholic point of view. Rome tries to hyjack the two Greek Orthodox Cyril and Methodus and somehow come out saying that they were Roman Catholics also. Basically the entire article is concerned the differences and animosity between the Roman Catholic and Greek/Russian Orthodox Churches. Theologians of Russian Orthodox persuasions would never agree with many sentences written in it. I myself see at least ten points of contentions where the Roman Catholic writer of this article tries to say that Roman Catholics had a big hand to play in Christianising the Slavs. Well they did, but that was only after the Germans began commanding the western Slavic Churches from Regensburg and Salzburg.(as the article says) This artice is a political endeavour by Roman Catholics. It is an apology to the Slavic people that it has somehow tricked into following the Pope.

But on the other hand, I think that because it all has happened, that it is as it should be.